forest fruit old fashioned


forest fruit old fashioned


When the temperature drops, it doesn’t mean the party has to stop. These 10 winter whisky cocktails offer something for everyone, from whisky beginners to aficionados who love a classic drink.

Maybe you’re looking to get cosy with a warm winter cocktail? Or are you after a refreshing whisky cocktail for winter with classic warming spices? Whatever your taste, we’ve got something that’ll take your fancy.


Grab your cocktail shaker, favourite playlist and closest mates – let’s get mixing these whisky cocktails for winter!

1. Mulled Mizunara Highball Winter Cocktail Recipe

‘Tis the season of mulled wine and cider – but have you ever thought of using those flavours in a highball? Focusing on classic mulled cider ingredients, the syrup in this easy winter whisky cocktail is ideal for making in advance so that drinks are quick to whip up when friends come by.

mulled mizunara highball

2. Rob Roy Winter Cocktail Recipe

A great cocktail for winter is one that’s simple to make, complex in flavour and ideally, not icy cold. A classic Rob Roy is stirred instead of shaken, meaning you can control the temperature and dilution for a short and strong drink that’s not too chilly. With a simple mix of Chivas, sweet vermouth and bitters, this is one for the purists.

rob roy whisky cocktail

3. Hot Toddy Winter Cocktail Recipe

It’s cosy season. You know what that means? It’s officially time to warm up with a classic Hot Toddy! As the OG warm winter cocktail, it really is the best cure for cold winter nights.

hot toddy whisky cocktail

4. Family Gathering Winter Cocktail Recipe

A twist on a classic Mimosa, the Family Gathering is the perfect whisky cocktail for winter when you’re ready to celebrate. Swapping orange juice for more complex dry curacao enhances the orange notes within Chivas 18 without overpowering the whisky.

family gathering whisky cocktail

5. Penicillin Winter Cocktail Recipe

The fiery trio of ginger juice, peated single malt and blended Scotch whisky makes for the ideal winter whisky cocktail recipe as it’s sure to warm you up from the inside out. Balanced by sweet honey and a touch of lemon, this modern classic is sure to make it into your repertoire.

penicilin whisky cocktail

6. XV Champagne Winter Cocktail Recipe

The festive season is made for champagne cocktails. This classic champagne whisky cocktail is made using our celebratory whisky, Chivas XV, for a luxurious drink that’s just waiting for you to make a toast.

chivas xv shoot gold cassetes and champagne cocktail

7. Mamie Taylor Winter Cocktail Recipe

Ginger is the ideal ingredient for warming up throughout winter – but that doesn’t mean it has to be in a hot drink. The refreshing Mamie Taylor features fresh ginger juice and ginger ale for a crisp winter cocktail recipe that even whisky beginners will love.

mamie taylor whisky cocktail

8. Forest Fruit Old Fashioned Winter Cocktail Recipe

This is a winter whisky cocktail for those who love a classic. This twist on a traditional Old Fashioned uses blackberry syrup to add a rich depth to the drink, while not distracting from the iconic strong flavours synonymous with a recipe loved the world over.

forest fruit old fashioned

9. Chivas Sour Winter Cocktail Recipe

We couldn’t not include a classic Whisky Sour on this list. Perfect all year round, this drink is welcome at any time of year. With a creamy texture, sweet yet tart flavour and beautiful foam top, a Chivas Sour will never be out of season.

whisky sour cocktail recipe

10. Chivas Red Collins Winter Cocktail Recipe

If you’re only using redcurrants as a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner side, you’re missing a trick. These little winter berries are sweet, tart and make a delicious highball syrup for a fruity winter cocktail to make at home.

red collins whisky cocktail