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Ecosse With Love Whisky Cocktail Recipe


  • [60] raisin-infused Chivas XV
  • [15] sugar syrup
  • {8} seedless grapes
  • {6} fresh mint leaves
  • Top with champagne
  • {3} skewered grapes, to garnish
  • Mint sprig, to garnish

    How to make it

  1. 1 To make the raisin infused Chivas XV, add 70g of raisins into one 700ml bottle of Chivas XV. Strain after 4 hours.
  2. 2 Place the grapes in a mixing vessel and muddle them together.
  3. 3 Add mint leaves to the bottom of the mixing vessel, then add the raisin-infused Chivas XV and sugar syrup.
  4. 4 Fill to the top with ice and stir for approximately 20 seconds.
  5. 5 Strain into a highball glass and fill with ice.
  6. 6 Top with champagne, so that the level is 3 cm below the top of the glass.
  7. 7 Add one or two more ice cubes to make sure they’re tight and compact.
  8. 8 Garnish with mint sprig.
  9. 9 Serve.

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