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$5,000 Total funding received

Fishing for the future of food.

Pocket Marche is an online marketplace connecting food producers directly with consumers in order to challenge standards around food produce aesthetics and reduce waste.


In Japan, farming and fishing is on the verge of collapse. Only 1.4% of the population are farmers, with this number set to decline rapidly due to the lack of younger generations involved in the industry*. If this trend remains the same, Japan will lose part of its agriculture, along with certain delicacies.

At the same time, Almost 30% of fruit and vegetables in the world are wasted because of how they look. The National Geographic recently revealed this waste would be enough to feed two billion people.

Our app works to promote local businesses, celebrate seasonality and educate consumers, reducing the waste of produce that does not meet mainstream aesthetic standards. We showcase growing conditions and profile producers, giving farmers and fisherman the opportunity to generate revenue by engaging directly with consumers for a more personable transaction.

Funding would allow us to…

…develop a logistics network that would dramatically reduce the transport fees and expand our reach. We currently have 920 food producers and 16,000 customers registered on Pocket Marche communicating with each other every day. We would step up our experiment-implementation cycle by multiplying our engineering resources and optimise our service at a faster pace.

What’s your blend for success?

Ultimately, we want to pave the way for new generations of farmers to do what they love and get the social recognition and remuneration they deserve. To do so, we need to trigger a drastic change of mindset in order to save Japan’s agriculture and the key to our success will be blending producers with consumers to create life-long relationships.

* National Geographic Global Food Waste
**Nippon.com Japan’s Farming Population 2018