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$40,000 Total funding received


Water is the most essential part of life, but we pollute and overuse it every day. Current centralised treatment methods are unsustainable. They are expensive and energy intensive meaning that globally, 80% of all wastewater discharged into our environment is untreated. We see wastewater as a future untapped resource, where we can extract energy, water and nutrients for reuse.

WASE has developed a new SaniWASE that accelerates wastewater treatment, to improve access to waste management, energy production and treatment time. Our enhanced treatment technology propels the performance of decentralised wastewater solutions. Achieving the highest standard of sustainable circular treatment means that we can provide solutions to a variety of places, from breweries to refugee camps.

We envision a world where we unlock the potential of wastewater making it the everyday source of clean water, sustainable energy and fertilisers.


We are on an exciting journey building solutions for UK breweries and refugee settlements in Kenya, providing onsite wastewater treatment and renewable energy. Our pilot in Dadaab refugee settlement will treat over 5000l of wastewater a day, so that it can be used for irrigation to grow fruit trees and vegetables, provide cooking fuel, and upskill locals to operate the system. We have the opportunity to accelerate wastewater treatment access across the settlements and expand into food and beverage industries that are polluting the environment in Kenya. The funding will enable us to grow the team that is essential for us to build local partnerships, create training programs, and provide the initial capital for our first manufacturing run to deliver on our projects. That will provide over 15,000 refugees safely managed sanitation and energy.


After working for a few years, I went back to university to study a masters in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design at Brunel University London. During the course, I made good friends with one of my lecturers, Dr Abdul Chaudry, who built my confidence in my idea. He supported me to get funding for a PhD and to take the leap into making my vision into reality – which became WASE.


There has been a shift in the global approach to providing sanitation, wastewater treatment and energy access to under-served communities. A market based approach is needed to create jobs, and provide these essential services to create an economically sustainable sector. We see the challenge and the opportunity to create real impact that could change the lives of millions, where there are a lack of private companies willing to try and tackle these issues.

These challenges require a blend of skills and approaches, which is why we are working with NGOs and humanitarian organisations, as well as local businesses. We do this so that together, we can evolve wastewater treatment from a model that is a financial drain to a flourishing system that adds value – enabling communities to grow.