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$40,000 Total funding received


Tandem Technical is an emerging cleantech start-up helping companies ‘clear the air’ by transforming waste greenhouse gas emissions into profitable materials. Our first-of-its-kind Tandem Carbon Recycling technology provides industrial emitters with a practical, economical and deployable solution to capture and convert pollution from a liability into an asset, on a breakthrough industrial scale.

We develop retrofit carbon dioxide recycling technology for virtually any industrial greenhouse gas emitter with a smokestack. The solution uses proven technology and off-the-shelf components to recycle waste CO2. In turn, reducing the carbon footprint of industry and creating affordable, sustainable green building materials and profitable mineral by-products that can be sold as feedstocks in sectors including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and water treatment.

Just one of Tandem’s Carbon Recycling units is capable of reducing emissions by more than 150,000 tonnes CO2 per year at scale – that’s like taking 30,000 cars a year off the road for every Tandem unit installed.


Funding would help to support commercialisation and scale-up, with a runway of 12-18 months. This includes market entry beta and optimisation of commercial scale Carbon Recycling Units and working capital to support our rollout and scale-up. This competition is a fantastic global launchpad for our business. Access to funding, creating new industry contacts and gathering exposure would be extremely valuable to Tandem.

Funding would allow us to bring basic services to more than 300,000 people in one and a half years. This would be by increasing our marketing in order to reach more families, as well as growing our sales and technology teams to develop important tools. On top of this, we will continue to improve our web platform with additional features that will allow us to include more distributors and more microfinance institutions to expand our geographic reach.


We are a team of scientists, engineers and business leaders who have come together with the mission of commercialising breakthrough carbon recycling technology. Our team is a blend of young innovators and industry experts who are eager to take on the challenge of turning industry's waste carbon dioxide emissions into valuable, profitable materials.