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$40,000 Total funding received


Every day food is wasted due to a lack of data in the supply chain. At Strella Biotech, we use novel technology to predict where the ripest fruit is so that packers can send produce down the supply chain before it is spoiled.

Apples, for example, are stored after being picked for up to one year in packing facilities to accommodate for consumer demand. Each packing facility has about 100 storage rooms, and packers do not know where the ripest fruit is located. As a result, packers lose up to $10 million in spoiled fruit annually.

We are working on adapting our technology to help retailers make better decisions about which grocery store to send fruit first. Currently, 23% of all produce is spoiled in the hands of retailers – a number we hope to make a big dent in.

The idea for Strella came from a personal frustration with the quality of produce in local grocery stores – our team started by asking grocery store managers the problems they faced with their inventory, and eventually moved up the supply chain where the largest impact could be made.


We are working on expanding our initial market in packing, where fruit is stored, and developing towards servicing retail distribution. Funding would help us in our expansion efforts to decrease the 40% of fresh produce that is wasted before it reaches the hands of consumers.

We have already saved more than 1,000 tonnes of fruit from spoiling and funding would allow us to make an even bigger impact.

Our technology can also help reduce the CO2 emissions generated by waste, as well as the 7% of global freshwater supply and the 2% of global energy spent on food that is never consumed.


I was inspired by my father. He has always worked on ventures that benefitted society, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I have always wanted to start my own business, and having a social impact aspect was critical to my dream. I think sustainable solutions that also make good business sense have the possibility to expand greatly and tackle large problems.


We believe a fresh set of eyes on a problem that has existed for a long time can be a game changer, and we work to incorporate diverse thoughts and backgrounds in our approach to solutions. Our blend for success is using our own perspectives to ask the questions needed to better understand the critical problems that need to be tackled by social businesses. Our team has a wide range of skills and experiences. We all come from different geographies – Uzbekistan, China, Ohio and Virginia – and have complementary skills of business development, electrical engineering and biology. We use this unique blend of approaches and attitudes to develop towards the best solution.