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A song needs perfectly harmonised notes to work, each building on the other to reach its peak; just as blending needs to layer different whiskies together to create something spectacular.


Layering together different flavours that complement each other in a uniquely Chivas style creates never-ending possibility of new flavours to explore. Not only does our Master Blender use his incredible sense of smell and experienced palate to make Chivas Regal, but also his imagination to envision what whiskies will marry together perfectly.

chivas regal blending Dillon cooper sandy hyslop


Sandy Hyslop Chivas Regal Nosing


As the 6th Master Blender in Chivas history, Sandy Hyslop is responsible for the recognisably smooth and generous flavour of our blended Scotch whisky. Both honouring our rich and regal heritage and evolving our well-loved formulas to create new flavour explorations, Sandy orchestrates the best of the best.

Chivas Regal Dillon Cooper


Just like our whiskies, New York native Dillon Cooper is multi-faceted. As well as being a rapper and music producer, he’s also a guitarist and aspiring actor. By combining fresh beats, lyrical prowess and energetic flow, Dillon encompasses how we’re not just one thing; we’re the sum of all our parts.

 Dillon Cooper crafted the ultimate track and cocktail mix by pairing his favourite songs with refreshing Chivas cocktails check it out now.

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