Chivas Regal Regal Pioneers Japan


Chivas Regal Regal Pioneers Japan

Introducing The Regal Pioneers; a platform built to elevate and upskill the bold and ambitious next generation of cultural entrepreneurs through open masterclasses and workshops. The path to success isn’t always conventional, so why should the skills be?

We’re connecting the next generation with the people best placed to teach them the tricks: our Regal Pioneers. Having already built businesses from the ground up – and stayed true to themselves at every step of the journey – they’re giving back and breaking down barriers by sharing invaluable tips and guidance.

We kicked off this priceless platform in Japan, and with the audience selected based on their shared values and eagerness to hustle for success, our Pioneers refused to gatekeep, and imparted their wisdom to a group of keen attendees.

Because when I Rise, We Rise.


New Regal and Curator of Regal Pioneers Japan

Chivas Regal Regal Pioneers Japan with Elaiza Ikeda

Actress, model, singer, film director – the list goes on. A trailblazer in Japan’s cultural scene and one of our New Regals;  Elaiza Ikeda has risen to the top through a commitment to authenticity. Her mission? To inspire her fans to “follow their own hearts”. Now, she’s acting as curator of our Regal Pioneer programme in Japan – leveraging her connections, experience and cultural knowledge to shine a light on two entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of Japanese business.

Chivas Regal Regal Pioneer Japan Fujita


Regal Pioneer


A true Pioneer of the luxury fashion scene in Japan, Keisuke Fujita built his Tokyo-based clothing store THE FOUR EYED with a vision of creating more than an apparel shop; he wanted to create a community. Always elevating and evolving – but staying true to his core purpose – Fujita attributes his success to the people he’s brought together. Today, his store hosts the fashion innovators of tomorrow, heralding from a variety of communities worldwide. His masterclass explored this journey, revealing how to stay true and build a business with community at its core.

Chivas Regal Regal Pioneers Masterclass Highlight Japan with Keisuke Fujita
Chivas Regal Regal Pioneer Japan Shoda


Regal Pioneer


Tokyo-based designer and art director Keisuke Shoda founded his business Studio The Blue Boy in 2018. He sought to marry art with interior design, upholding the quality, care and detail of Japanese craftsmanship while boldly creating colourful, artistic pieces. Shoda’s masterclass delved into his path towards success and divulged some of his most important learnings: how human connection drives creativity, and the unique business advantage of working with a diverse range of people. Culminating in a workshop where the group embraced their creative spirit and created their own bespoke designs, the session was packed with unique and actionable insights.

Chivas Regal Regal Pioneers Masterclass Highlight Japan with Keisuke Shoda

Stay tuned to see where our Regal Pioneers platform heads to next.

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