Chivas Regal Scotches and Watches LB Jewellers and Sandy Hyslop


Chivas Regal Scotches and Watches LB Jewellers and Sandy Hyslop

Scotches and watches. Both are complex passions with spirited and loyal fanbases to match. And just like whisky investing, building a portfolio of luxury watches with both the best investment watches and personal preferences is down to balancing heart with mind.

Our Master Blender Sandy Hyslop – who’s always blended his love for whisky with a personal passion for high end watches – sat down with a range of expert jewellers to discuss the finest watches in the game. Pairing each watch collection displayed with one of our finest Chivas blends, this series explores the best of the best.

Chivas Regal Scotches and Watches Trotters Jewellers and Sandy Hyslop

Trotters Jewellers

Trotters Jewellers have levelled up an east-end family business and now own the largest collection of luxury watches in the UK by giving all their clients the regal treatment – from Premier League footballers to far smaller budgets. Known for a stunning range of iced timepieces, Judd, Alex and Kallum took Sandy through a beautiful selection, revealing how they never stop learning in the watch business.


Our Master Blender paired the Trotters collection with the pinnacle of the Chivas range The Icon, a timeless and limited-edition whisky made up of the rarest whiskies, only released in small batches every year.

Chivas Regal Scotches and Watches LB Jewellers and Sandy Hyslop Cheers

LB Jewellers

Inspired by hip hop culture, Lamar spotted a gap in the market a decade ago. As the founder of LB Jewellers, he’s hustled hard to build his business and create a watch collection that caters to an array of long-term celebrity clients. Lamar puts his success down to keeping his name clean and building trust, which leads to personal connections and tailoring the best high-end watch to the individual.


A refreshing Chivas Highball made with complex and rich Chivas 18 complemented an insightful conversation about Lamar’s watch collection, which included rare and beautiful statement pieces.

Chivas Regal Scotches and Watches Trilogy Jewellers and Sandy Hyslop

Trilogy Jewellers

Founder of Trilogy Jewellers Frankie got into the business based on a sincere personal passion – and working hard seven days a week. Harnessing the power of social media to increase his reach, he’s found the market moves quickly. But Frankie’s key piece of advice for people looking for the best investment watches? To buy based off personal preferences and what appeals to the heart.


To match Frankie’s top-tier luxury watches, Sandy chose to chat over glasses of Chivas Ultis XX, the ultimate indulgent blend.

Chivas Regal Scotches and Watches Kettle Club and Sandy Hyslop

Kettle Club

Having built a business on a decade-long friendship and their own devotion to collecting, Joe and Sam from the Kettle Club understand how to choose the perfect designer watch. Going by what you love rather than down to hype, they showcased a classy watch collection that excited our Master Blender Sandy.


A classy range of watches deserves a special whisky to match. Like watches with rare and custom features, Sandy chose a unique blend from the Chivas whisky collection: Chivas 18 Mizunara Cask Finish, a luxuriously aged blend with a portion of blended Scotch whisky finished in Mizunara oak casks.

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