Add a Spicy Twist to Whisky Cocktails

Chivas 威士忌

Add a Spicy Twist to Whisky Cocktails


By that, we mean turning up the heat on your cocktails with a spicy twist of inspiration that’s sure to give an almighty kick (in the best kind of way).

If you’re the type that always adds hot sauce or chillies to your meals, you’ll definitely want to start dialling up the heat to your favourite drinks with some quick and simple tweaks. Scotch and spice are the perfect combo, and you can use these ideas as a starting point for your own ideas for a night-time sip with a lot more character.


Read on for some sure-fire ways to ramp up the flavour profile with these spicy cocktail hits.

Chivas Regal Cocktail Success is a Blend

Spiced Maggie Cocktail 配方

21 世紀初見證了一款新雞尾酒興起:辛辣的 Margarita。受到這個超級巨星的啟發,Spiced Maggie 雞尾酒將甜味、酸味和辣味完美地混合在一起,令人回味無窮。如果您是嗜辣的新手,可以少放辣醬;但如果您習慣了辣味,儘管多加點辣椒。

如何調製 Spiced Maggie

•45ml Chivas Extra 13 Tequila Cask
•10ml Muyu Vetiver 甜酒
•20ml 青檸汁
•15ml 糖漿
•1.25ml 墨西哥辣醬

將 Muyu Vetiver 甜酒、Chivas Extra 13 Tequila Cask、青檸汁和糖漿攪拌均勻。加入辣醬(可根據口味調節分量)和冰塊,放上半個青檸作裝飾。



Tropical Chivas Sour Whisky Cocktail 1


雖然我們不建議在每一種飲料中都添加香料(凡事總有界線),但酸味飲料是添加一些好東西的完美基調。發揮創意,在您最愛的酸味雞尾酒(例如經典的 Whisky Sour)中加入一點辣醬,或者用果味濃郁的 Tropical Chivas Sour 玩轉調酒。酸味雞尾酒味道清新,所以加入您最喜歡的辣醬能將味道昇華:酸柑橘和辣醬的結合為每一呷酒增添了泥土和胡椒的韻味。



Chivas Thai Pina Colada

Thai Pina Colada Cocktail 配方

Found yourself daydreaming of basking on a tropical beach with a drink in hand? You’re not alone. Once you snap back to a less-sunny reality, reach for a Chivas Thai Pina Colada to take you straight back in one sip. This coconut cream spicy cocktail is light enough that you don’t need to be a professional fire-breather, but still delivers a satisfying kick.



• 50ml Chivas Extra 13 Rum Cask
• 30ml pineapple juice
• 25ml lime juice
• 20ml sweet coconut cream
• Dash of hot sauce


Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake with ice for approximately 10 seconds. Then strain into a tall glass with ice, add a pineapple slice garnish and serve.



Chivas El Diablo Cocktail Recipe

El Diablo Cocktail 配方

Ginger and whisky is a relationship to last a lifetime. It’s not only hot sauce that can deliver an intense kick; this spice is another all-natural ingredient you can use to add a little fire to your drink. It has a different flavour profile to chilli and works best when balanced out with a touch of sweetness.



• 45ml Chivas Extra 13 Sherry
• 15ml Crème de Cassis
• 20ml lime juice
• Ginger beer


Shake the Chivas Extra 13 Sherry, crème de cassis and lime juice with ice, then strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish this spicy cocktail with a wedge of lime.



Spiced Orange Highball Whisky Cocktail

Spiced Orange Highball 雞尾酒配方

If you sit on the milder end of the spice chart, we recommend the Spiced Orange Highball. While a more gentle option, it provides a deliciously warming spicy cocktail experience – and proves cinnamon is a spice that’s definitely not just for Christmas.

Don’t stop here. You can bounce off all these ideas to incorporate your favourite spices and hot sauces to a variety of cocktails. A bit of trial and error and you could come up with a creation that your friends rave about for years.