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$3,907 Total funding received


Two Fingers Brewing Co. is a beer brand that gives back to those that drink it, by giving all our profits to Prostate Cancer UK. Using the finest handpicked ingredients, we create beer that's not just better tasting, but better for men everywhere. After two years of development, our flagship beer Aurelio was launched across the UK in January 2014. Following multiple awards, fantastic reviews and incredible public support, we’ve set our sights on international expansion in 2015 and beyond – so people all around the world can help mankind just by drinking beer.


Prostate cancer affects millions around the world, with 1 in 8 British men and 1 in 6 American men currently battling the disease. And while it kills as many men as breast cancer does women, awareness and support for it is far smaller. So we set out to do something about it, to fight it one beer at a time. We’re making joining the fight against the most common male cancer as easy and enjoyable as reaching for the bottle opener - by raising awareness and using all our profits to fund prostate cancer charities. This is one small sip for man, one giant leap for mankind, and can make a huge difference in helping us to help more men all around the world.


We applied to The Venture for a launchpad to turbo-charge our social enterprise – and since winning the UK final things have certainly developed rapidly. We gained energy, insight, ideas and inspiration, not to mention a handy spot of funding, plus an awareness boost that has led to multiple international and domestic enquiries, as well as helping open up distribution to over 16,000 on-trade venues in the UK, including Matthew Clark’s Boutique Beers range. All of which helps us raise more money to help more men, by giving more beer lovers the chance to fight prostate cancer, just by drinking beer.


Firstly it's driving distribution. Our brew Aurelio is already stocked in some fantastic retailers, including Tesco, Ocado and Matthew Clark, but we’re always looking to bring on more. We also want to raise awareness, by spreading the word about our beer and our mission, so more people know they can drink up and do good. We are expanding our range and getting on tap, plus creating a flexible portfolio (lager, cider, stout etc.) that multiplies the amount of money and awareness we raise. Additionally, we want to improve our resources in order to refine our supply chain, bolster our team and continue to form partnerships with amazing companies who can join our mission. Finally, we are looking to expand on a global scale by obtaining international trademarks, partnering with distributors around the world and setting up a global foundation to donate to local prostate cancer charities, so beer lovers everywhere can become heroes.