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$15,750 Total funding received


Our business is tackling two of the main causes of climate change, namely energy and transportation. ECO Mensajería is the first and only ecological messaging company in the Dominican Republic. We are transforming traditional messaging by creating an eco-friendly sustainable model. We are changing the entire value chain by encouraging a new culture of production and consumption that is socially and environmentally responsible!


We mainly use electrical motorcycles that can be charged via solar thus eliminating CO2 emissions, smog and noise, water and soil pollution. We are combating deforestation by printing the documents we deliver on 100% recycled paper and we provide carbon footprint certifications for the use of our services for every delivery in order to raise awareness of sustainable development throughout the value chain. We are generating employment right at the bottom of the pyramid and are striving to include female messengers in the future. 5% of our profits go to the Sustainable Investment Fund.


It was an incredible experience, both personally and professional. The first moment when we met the other finalists on the first day of The Accelerator Week, at Oxford University, you realise that you’re not alone. That there are others looking to use business to create a better future. No matter the culture, gender, language, age or type of business, the finalists were united by the same business aspirations, to find solutions that the world needs. The Chivas Venture is a platform that challenges you and your business to learn, grow, focus and deliver results. And along the journey they give you plenty of tools and lessons to help you do this; from Oxford to New York, via London, The Chivas Venture empowers you to add real purpose to your business. That is, to win in the right way.


Grow, grow, and grow again ! Recently the United Nations Environmental Program, UNEP, recognised us as a “Business of Change” in their regional Climate Change portal, Regatta. But more importantly, on the back of The Chivas Venture, I now have 26 friends around the world, in 26 different countries, that are just a phone call away. The Chivas Venture network has given us a gateway to explore markets all over the world. For example, this year I am planning to visit Shutong, in China, to negotiate with some electric vehicle manufactures, and he will be my host and guide, just as I will be for each one of the 26 finalists should they ever choose to visit the Dominican Republic.