footloose whisky cocktail


footloose whisky cocktail


So when you get a little extra, you want to use it right. How are you going to spend the long weekend? Well – after a well-earned lie-in and a long, leisurely brunch –how about fixing a cocktail? And since you’ve got time for something a bit special, go ahead and pick one of the advanced recipes from our website.

1. Breakfast Epiphany

Designed to draw out the orchard fruit notes of our whiskies, the Breakfast Epiphany is guaranteed to impress. A twist on the classic Old Fashioned, it’s designed to bring the best out of Chivas XV. First up, you need to gather your ingredients – apple cider, orange bitters and allspice dram. What do you mean you don’t have them in your pantry? Don’t worry, it’s totally worth the trip to the shop. You’ll learn how to make apple cider syrup – a cider reduction with added sugar – and with a little extra effort you’ll have a truly sensational cocktail to share with friends.

Breakfast Epiphany Whisky Cocktail


Ready to raise the bar? Let’s make a whisky highball with a Japanese spin. The delicate flavours of Chivas Mizunara are the perfect complement for lychee, lemongrass and coconut – and the result is the fresh, tropical Maya Bay. But first, it’s time to learn a new skill – you’re going to make cordial. It’s like a syrup but with a little less sugar, and some acid to give it some bite. It’s actually not that difficult – simply simmering ingredients in water – and when you’re done, you’ll be a sip away from paradise.

maya bay whisky cocktail

3. Chocolate Skyline

Let’s finish with something a little sweet. Our Chocolate Skyline is the perfect dessert cocktail; strong and surprisingly light, it goes beautifully with vermouth. Just a quick heads up: you need to wait for melted chocolate to set, so you’ll probably need to start making it the day before you want to pour it. But it’s so worth waiting for. This cocktail involves the very hip technique of fat washing – combining a spirit with an oily liquid, then chilling or freezing to separate them – which you can use for anything from sesame oil to peanut butter. Really worth learning.

Chocolate Skyline Whisky Cocktail 1

There you go. Just a taste of the unique cocktails waiting for you on our website. Pick up new skills as you try your hand at our tea-infused, fat washed and double strain recipes. They’re all specially created to make the most of your favourite Chivas whiskies. And they’ll make you glad you had a little extra time on your hands.

Dive into our recipes and try something new this long weekend.