the rise brasil


the rise brasil


We’re bringing our Brazilian New Regals’ stories to the table through ‘Brindando O Corre’, a series honouring the success of local inspirations.

In collaboration with the podcast PodPah, this series of interviews celebrates and investigates the trajectory, rise and collective success of great names in Brazil’s cultural scene: Ludmilla, Baco Exú do Blues, Urias and MC Davi.

Ludmilla Brazil The RIse


Ludmilla is the queen of favela pop funk. Born in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, she moves crowds wherever she goes and always strives to go the extra mile:


“What motivates me to continue are my dreams, my goals and my fans”, she says.


Ludmilla discussed the path she took to reach success, and how she’s always believed the sky is the limit.


Watch the full episode now.

Baco The Rise Brazil


Baco Exu do Blues is a rapper, singer and songwriter from Bahia. For him, it’s about ‘knowing how to enjoy every step you take, every advance you take. Don’t just pass and run over everything.”


Watch the episode to discover Baco’s trajectory in music. While he faced difficulties with his mental health, he discovered that music was an outlet for his emotions and that every step in the process should be celebrated.

Urias The Rise Brazil


Reinventing the national pop scene is no mean feat – but Urias, a singer and songwriter from Minas Gerais, has been doing just that.


“Brindando O Corre is to understand where we came from, where we are, where we want to go. It’s celebrating achievements no matter how few, small or big they are”, she says.


In her episode, the artist told Podpah about her career and the challenges she’s faced since pre-teen years. In this very important trajectory, Urias was able to count on the support of five friends, who were essential to make the career she has today happen. Tune in now.

MC Davi The Rise Brazil


MC Davi is one of the most popular funk singers in Brazil. For him, “Brindando O Corre has to be something you conquer, for you to always be toasting. So it’s not just a toast, you know?”


See Davi’s episode to hear his dedication to the funk industry, and how important it was that his friends encouraged him to be the successful artist he is today.