New Regals


Introducing a new wave of New Regals: challenging perceptions and rising high with every move. JB, Akiko, Novel Fergus, Novel Flash, Novel Friday, and TXMIYAMA are breaking barriers in true Chivas fashion. Their collective success is a celebration of unity and shared triumph. In a relentless pursuit to reach new heights, this crew shows that, no matter your background, greatness always comes from grassroots actions.

Get familiar with the New Regals below and scroll down to watch a series of music videos featuring each artist, created in collaboration with Chivas.


A Hong Kong born-and-raised Filipino rapper, Jiggie Boy (known as JB) sits firmly at the forefront of Hong Kong’s new wave of rap. As a dancer, artist, and rapper, JB has forged ahead as one of the city’s most recognizable talents. He continues to push the Canto-rap genre to new heights through his music and co-owned record label, Greytone Music. JB’s elevation wouldn’t have been possible without his crew firmly behind him, a timely reminder that when one of us rises, we all rise.



An independent rapper with a diverse style, Akiko’s music is driven by self-reflection and his lived experience. The 2019 release of his first album “Proud of Being a Rapper” firmly established him on the HK scene and his talents have been recognized beyond the city. Akiko has lit up stages across the globe, performing in the UK, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia.


Novel Fergus is a rapper under Yack Studio whose work is characterized by sharp lyrics, auto-tuned vocals, and distinctive flow. Fergus has rocked some of Hong Kong’s biggest stages and continues to innovate and push the boundaries of Canto-rap, being recognized as What’s Good Music’s Hip-Hop Artist of the Year 2022. Scroll down to check out the music video for his latest single “板斧” with Novel Flash.



Novel Flash is no stranger to success. The rapper came out on top in the “Canton Mic” Rap Battle for three consecutive years. His style, dedication and musical output have earned him a rightful place among Hong Kong’s new generation of emerging rap talent. Officially recognized as What’s Good Music’s Rising Star of the Year 2022, Novel Flash is a name you can’t ignore. Scroll down to check out the music video for his latest single “板斧” with Novel Fergus.



Novel Friday signed to Greytone Music in 2020 before dropping his debut album “在陽光底下” a year later, going on to win awards for Best R&B Song (Bronze) and Best Alternative Song (Sliver) at the What’s Good Music Award 2022. His hits “NEO PUNK,” “小鹿亂撞” and “N°5” also entered the Metro Radio Pop Chart and Ultimate Song Chart, firmly establishing him among the most popular rappers in Hong Kong. Watch out for Friday’s upcoming single with TXMIYAMA.


Yuri Tomiyama, performing as TXMIYAMA, is a Canadian born Japanese artist living in Hong Kong. His lyrics effortlessly combine English and Japanese; fearless and to the point, depicting the realities of Hong Kong from a unique perspective. Through his music, he gives voice to the underground and offers a snapshot of the city at ground level. TXMIYAMA has been on the rise ever since the release of his single “Outsiders”. Stay tuned for his upcoming collaboration with Novel Friday.


Novel Fergus, Novel Flash – 板斧


JB – Me & My Crew