GUAP BLACKLIST: Where are they now?

As part of our ongoing efforts to create spaces and support existing platforms which work to serve and nurture talent from underrepresented communities, Chivas Regal has partnered with youth-led media platform GUAP to support their 2023 instalment of The BLACKLIST.

Each year GUAP produces The BLACKLIST – honouring and spotlighting 30 young black trailblazers across various creative industries and championing their achievements in a manner that is often overlooked by mainstream award systems. 

This year marks the sixth instalment of The BLACKLIST and in addition to this year’s list, GUAP are  celebrating the alumni, reflecting on previously featured BLACKLISTS and giving us an insight into where they started and more importantly, where they are now.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Chivas Regal has partnered with GUAP to showcase 4 alumni stories as part of a 4-part content series featuring Janay Marie, David Sonubi, Remi Burgz and Scully and hosted by Chivas Regal’s very own UK Brand Ambassador Selecta Suave – who has also been featured on this year’s BLACKLIST. 



David Sonubi: BLACKLIST Alumni 2019

Jason Kavuma aka Scully: BLACKLIST Alumni 2020

Remi Burgz: BLACKLIST Alumni 2021

Janay Marie: BLACKLIST Alumni 2022

Marvin Essien aka Selecta Suave: BLACKLIST 2023

David Sonubi: BLACKLIST 2019

David Sonubi, aka “The Commissioner”, is a founding member of the High Roller Collective – a creative company and home to event brand RECESS, media entity and online radio station No Signal, the social archiving project Black In The Day. He’s also an A&R manager at Island Records, most notably working with artists such as Unknown T, M Huncho and the G4 Boyz. Hailing from Tottenham in north London, he has been behind some of the most significant moments in London’s black nightlife and the creative landscape at large.


When When Selecta Suave asked about the time leading up to being featured on the BLACKLIST in 2019, David remembers telling his team that “This is the time we have to level up in everything. If you want to live a certain lifestyle, you’ve gotta go really hard with your work. So then that’s when I started signing more artists, working with more talent, upgrading in my jobs and I was going hard with RECESS. And then when the BLACKLIST happened, I was like ‘Rah, someone’s seeing me!’”

Jason Kavuma aka Scully: BLACKLIST Alumni 2020

Jason Kavuma aka Scully is a presenter, producer & A&R, working on screen and off it, on the mic and behind it, to use his pop culture knowledge, political interests and child-like curiosity to ask questions that allow his audience to have new thought patterns.


Consulting for a number of music labels, brands and the like, giving his perspective in an effort to show the merit in the culture we know and love. Coming straight out these unprecedented times, he helped bring to life the exciting new hub of Black media we know as No Signal, you’ve probably heard him as one of the hosts on the infamous NS10v10. You’ve probably seen him presenting in sport and music, for Arsenal, Copa90, E4 & many more!


Working as a Co-Head of Production at No Signal, he’s doing all he can to represent young, black British experience as authentically as he can. Now, he aims to focus on create thought provoking content that documents and highlights this modern age.


When asked what he would say to someone that is nervous to take the first step, Scully told Selecta Suave “Imagine the worst possible scenario. If I wanted something and I asked for it and the answer I get is no. What have I actually lost?”.    

Remi Burgz: BLACKLIST Alumni 2021

Remi Burgz is a Radio DJ, Host & Personality from South London. Remi has always had a great passion for music and entertaining people, which explains her rapidly growing success in the entertainment industry.


Remi began her radio career in 2017 and shortly afterwards grabbed her own live show on Reprezent Radio before hosting her very own show on  BBC Radio 1Xtra. Remi’s infectious energy, which lights up every room she enters, earned her the nickname “The Local Energy Provider”.


When asked what being featured on the 2021 BLACKLIST meant, Remi told Selecta Suave, “It was a genuine honour. Sometimes you are so in the moment that you dont realise who is watching, supporting your corner and talking about you in rooms when you aren’t there. Being part of the BLACKLIST felt like I was being supported from far. What I love about the BLACKLIST is they have given it new meaning. Naturally when someone says, you have been blacklisted you are scared. But they have snatched the meaning and given it a new name. Now people want to be Blacklisted”.

Janay Marie: Blacklist Alumni 2022

Janay Marie is the founder and Managing Director at Tallawah and an award-nominated Music Week 2021 Rising Star and Cultural Marketer & Strategist. After graduating from The Brit School, Janay worked at various companies in the music industry from MOBO to ITV’s Britains Got Talent, The X Factor and The Greatest Dancer before joining TikTok as a Community, Programmes and Events Manager. Since leaving TikTok, Janay has launched Tallawah, a business focused on amplifying Black talent and creatives from the Caribbean diaspora. 


 When asked what Tallawah means, Janay told Selecta Suave, “The word Tallawah means different things to different islands but the phrase essentially is we are a small group of islands but our impact is massive. I called my company Tallawah because I am working with Caribbean creatives from the diaspora and whilst we might be small we are mighty”. 

Selecta Suave: BLACKLIST 2023  

A household name in London’s nightlife, DJ and Chivas Regal’s ambassador Selecta Suave is widely renowned for turning anywhere he plays into memorable and enjoyable experiences. Drawing from his Togolese and Ghanaian heritage, his work with many music artists and various influences from travels all over the world, his ability to offer an eclectic mix of sounds to any dancefloor is second to none.


When asked what it meant to Selecta Suave to be on this years’ BLACKLIST he told Chivas Regal, “Being on the BLACKLIST this year, then having the opportunity to have in depth conversations with the BLACKLISTERS that came before me and understanding what it meant to them, how much of an honour it was then and still is now has been a very powerful experience for me. Now more than ever I’m excited for the future of everyone featured on this year’s BLACKLIST especially considering the trajectory of those featured in the past and how far they have come since – some have made leaps and bounds after being featured just a year ago! GUAP has created an incredible form of acknowledgement to black creatives and I look forward to seeing who will be on next year’s BLACKLIST and the years to come.”

We are honoured to be a part of this upcoming series where each episode will take an intimate look at the journey of the alumni and what it truly means to them to be featured on The BLACKLIST paired with some inspiring commentary and insights for the audience and the next generation of talent watching.

Having a clear and established presence within celebrations and moments such as these are all a pivotal part of the ‘I Rise We Rise’ ethos and philosophy at Chivas Regal where we look to uncover and champion Entrepreneurs that are writing the unwritten, uniting communities and inspiring the next generation.