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The Grind Whisky Cocktail Recipe


  • [50] Chivas Extra 13 Sherry Cask
  • [30] black sticky rice and coconut cream
  • [15] Fino sherry
  • [5] sugarcane shrub
  • [10] banana syrup
  • Barley sprig, to garnish

    How to make it

  1. 1 To make homemade coconut cream, add 1 litre of coconut milk, 1 litre of coconut water, 1kg caster sugar, and 379g of condensed milk to a pan. Reduce on heat until it reaches a boil, then remove from heat.
  2. 2 To make the coconut and black sticky rice cream, add 50ml homemade coconut cream, 150ml coconut water, 80g black sticky rice, and 20ml citric acid solution to a blender. Blend together and fine strain.
  3. 3 To make the sugarcane shrub, take 650ml sugarcane juice and reduce it down to 250ml. Then add 100ml coconut vinegar to the reduced sugarcane juice and stir.
  4. 4 Add Chivas, banana syrup, sugarcane shrub, Fino sherry, and black sticky rice and coconut cream to a shaker.
  5. 5 Fill a shaker with ice and shake hard for approximately 20 seconds.
  6. 6 Strain into a rocks glass.
  7. 7 Garnish with a barley sprig.
  8. 8 Serve.

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