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$5,000 Total funding received

Self-sustained neighbourhoods and villages in a box.

The Sustainable Group is developing the first of its kind off-grid, self-sustained ecological village, providing a holistic kit of houses, water, energy, food and waste solutions for countries lacking infrastructure development budgets. Discover the technology.


Lack of infrastructure is a major barrier for development and security. It causes economic inequalities, sanitation problems and premature deaths. Developing countries, as their name suggests, are still developing, leaving millions without access to clean water, food and energy. We provide a solution to those in need, enabling them to evolve, to work, to create, and to become part of a prosperous and healthy community.

Development usually relates to high carbon emissions, which contribute to climate change. From this point of view, our project focuses on several issues of waste energy and ecological footprint. Each neighbourhood of 200 houses has a carbon-negative impact of about 3,800 ton CO2eq/a. Our aim is to create carbon-negative communities, with a reduced cost of living.

Funding would allow us to…

…construct our ‘village in a box’ with local labour and 100% renewables, using innovative construction methods and circular economy models. We’re committed to pioneering, integrating and investing in building methods, renewable energy, waste management and advanced agriculture via our tech system, F.I.S.S.I. (Fully Integrated Self-Sustained Infrastructure).

What’s your blend for success?

The Sustainable Group’s vision is to provide a safety net to every person on earth. Our safety net means shelter, clean water, food, energy, waste solutions and community life. We blend technology with infrastructure to present a sustainable housing model, satisfying the basic needs of humans and contributing to agriculture, construction, tourism and local economy.