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$110,000 Total funding received

Feel at home anywhere.

SPEAK is a linguistic and cultural program built to bring people closer together with the aim of solving the social exclusion of migrants and refugees.


The number of international migrants globally has grown exponentially over the past years, reaching 258 million in 2017, with 30% attempting to create or maintain a stable life in Europe. In the same year, 2.9 million people became asylum seekers, the largest annual increase in the history of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees*. The problem of integration materialises via challenges encountered when these people reach their destination: language, culture, lack of an informal support network. Other factors include ethnic and religious discrimination and xenophobia.

We address the two main causes of the problem—the language barrier and the lack of an opportunity to meet the "other”—with a community-based solution. Participants come to our program motivated by teaching their language or culture, or learning a language and culture. In doing so, they communicate, break prejudices, create friendships and, ultimately, build an informal support network.

Funding would allow us to

…improve our program to better impact our beneficiaries and enhance our franchise model, allowing for further expansion into new cities, creating job opportunities and empowering communities. More than 20,000 people from 150 nationalities have already joined.

What’s your blend for success?

We believe success is a blend of passion and people. Everyone has the right to feel at home in the city where they live but you need the perfect blend of people who are passionate about celebrating diversity to achieve a more inclusive world.

*United Nations International Migration Report 2017