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$30,000 Total funding received

Making a buzz about the bees.

Honey bees in Europe cannot survive without the help of beekeepers. Without bees, we may not survive. Save The Bees supports thousands of beekeepers with technology that simplifies bee care, decreases bee mortality and increases quality honey production, thereby promoting ecological agriculture.


In Europe, over 600 thousand beekeepers take care of more than 16 million bee colonies, producing more than 200 million kilograms of honey*. However, current methods used in agricultural honeybee production are obsolete, formed on tradition, experiences and assumptions. Bee colonies are complex organisms, whose behaviour is still being studied, meaning the practices applied do not necessarily maximise potential.

As a result, we are seeing significant colony mortality each year as the demand for pollinators only grows. Colony and bee extinction would not only impact food production and agriculture (coffee would be rare and avocados wouldn’t exist) but it would affect the economy.

Our bee-care system is based on real-time monitoring of internal beehive environments. It collects, sends and analyses data through artificial intelligence, creating the ideal design workflow for beekeepers via our app. It also offers a heat generator for combating pests, eliminating the chance of workers being exposed to harmful chemicals and risk of disease, while nurturing the bees.

Funding would allow us to…

…fast-track production, expand our reach and educate more beekeepers on ways of working effectively without chemicals. Save The Bees is currently used by over 500 beekeepers, with more than 5,000 currently waiting for delivery. We started the project in November 2018 and we have been able to spread our technology across the globe. Our main goal is ecological agriculture for all.

What’s your blend for success?

Our blend for success is based on education and passion. Ecological agriculture is a point of public interest, closely connected with sustainability and health. We must unite our passion with the education of beekeepers and the wider public to achieve our goal of ecological agriculture for all.

*AAG European Parliamentary Research Service 2017