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$5,000 Total funding received

Creating the ultimate hydration station.

Robinetto is a social enterprise offering water solutions improve our ecological footprint. By serving drinks as local as possible using tap water, we reduce emissions from the transport of water, plastic from packaging and energy use from chilling.


The ecological footprint of packaging, chilling and transport of water continues to worsen, with billions of litres packed and transported every year. Our solution is simple—use tap water, transported by pipelines.

We build tools to use tap water as the base for tasty and refreshing drinks such as fresh, still and sparkling, as well as a wide range of flavoured waters. To measure our impact, we put a smart water counter in every machine and can access real-time data of the total amount of tap water used and how much packaging, transport and energy are avoided.

Funding would allow us to…

...build better and more sustainable machines, develop our impact reporting and launch in new markets. So far, we have partnered with 20 festivals. We’ve installed more than 50 watercoolers and in the summer of 2018, reduced the use of bottle water significantly. By broadening our network, more festivals and events will become waste-free.

What’s your blend for success?

Success is a blend of simple solutions and shared goals. Using tap water is a simple solution that can have major consequences. By providing easy-to-use technical tools, we make the waste-free production of drinks possible for everyone, removing the need for bottled water. We dream about a world where partying and protecting the planet go hand in hand.