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$30,000 Total funding received

Making plastic in print 100% biodegradable for a healthier planet.

LAM'ON produces biodegradable laminating film and glue for the print industry. Derived from renewable resources such as corn, LAM'ON make print ethical and harmless for everyone.


Laminating film is the glossy layer glued on top of paper to make it more flexible and durable. Commonly found on magazines, posters and menus, it’s made from plastic and can last for more than a decade. When recycling such paper, many of the treatments applied are considered containments and significantly reduce the amount of waste that can be recovered. When recycling petroleum-based laminating films, chemicals are emitted that are associated with chronic migraine, respiratory problems, and even cancer.

Providing a healthier environment for everyone involved, LAM’ON is completely toxic free and aids the recycling process.

Funding would allow us to…

…acquire a modular extruder machine and close the production cycle in-house. This means we could scale price-competitively and fast-track production while keeping our secrets safe. So far more than 70 print houses in Europe have displayed interest and requested samples of LAM’ON. We would rent a production facility and storage space, as well as to add experts to our team, with the aim of developing a whole line of eco-friendly print supplies.

What’s your blend for success?

LAM'ON was born because the founders, Gergana and Angela, wanted to use it in their own lines of work in the creative industries. As a result, our product is made to fit end customers’ needs perfectly, however, we understand that the only way to make it sustainable is to develop it into a profitable business. We believe that success is a blend of experience and morals, with a pinch of artistic flare.