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$5,000 Total funding received

Decoding the chemical ingredients in your food and cosmetics with a click.

Ingredio is a tech app that informs consumers about potential hazards associated with chemical ingredients of food and cosmetics products. Users photograph the ingredient label of a product and are instantly informed about the association of each ingredient with toxicity, allergies, cancer, and irritation based on institutional sources such as the European Commission. We place the power of information in people’s hands, in order to disrupt the market and increase the demand for greener, more sustainable products.


Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the potential hazards in chemical ingredients of products we consume daily. Many ingredients found in food and cosmetic products are linked to diseases such as diabetes and cancer, however, there is no warning label or transparency around these facts. Chemical names are too complex or encoded in the product label (e.g. E250).

Although access to this information is publicly available, it’s complex, technical and challenging for consumers to find and understand. We employ best-in-class technological methods that lead to informed results on the composition of goods, based on the chemical databases of the World Health Organisation, the European Commission and the National Institutes of Health.

Funding would allow us to…

...materialize our vision of a world without toxic chemicals. We would invest in digital marketing to disseminate our product to a global market. We aim to reach 200K users by the end of 2019, and 500K users by the end of 2020. By scaling, we hope to not only grow our audience but also to educate consumers towards more informed decisions regarding the products they use and disrupt the global market. Ιnforming consumers may exert leverage on food and cosmetics companies to produce products with non-harmful chemicals.

What’s your blend for success?

For us, success is a blend of research, hard work, and passion to improve the lives of millions of people. Our vision is to be the world’s reference app for chemical ingredient safety. We believe that our unique technology, scientific approach and genuine concern for consumer’s safety and needs will be the key to our success, consistent with our mission of making the world a healthier place.