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$1,572.13 Total funding received

We're bringing clean drinking water to disaster victims from day one.

We have created a water-purifying backpack to revolutionize access to clean drinking water.

In 2014 alone, 900 natural disasters struck around the world, rendering millions without access to this basic need. You may be in the middle of a flood, surrounded by water (for example after Hurricane Katrina), and yet have no way to quench your thirst, as none of it is safe to drink.

The DayOne Waterbag can turn any heavily-contaminated source, such as dirty river water, into safe and clean drinking water, in just 30 minutes. Its compact backpack format enables people to collect, purify, transport and store 10 liters of water for a family. It’s also lightweight enough to ship rapidly on a massive scale, proving invaluable for disaster relief.

With your support DayOne Response will be able to...

Provide access to clean drinking water to more people globally.

From an investment perspective, water security has never been more of a priority. The World Economic Global Risk Report ranks water amongst the greatest risks to economies, environments and people; and the US alone have a one trillion dollar water infrastructure financing need.

We’ve already supplied 15 million litres in over 20 countries, and additional funding would help us hit our target of doubling that impact and expanding into Ethiopia, Kenya, Thailand, the Philippines, UAE and Panama. Your support will help us accelerate our distribution to reach vulnerable communities wherever disaster strikes, from day one.

Social entrepreneurship is important to me because…

I believe we are all global citizens; and we have a responsibility to contribute at that global level. Social entrepreneurship allows for community linkage, smart business, and societal progress. Leading DayOne Response has allowed me to combine my passions for water engineering and innovation that addresses global needs and challenges. While I was born in Arizona, I spent seven years of my childhood living in South Korea. Witnessing poverty there has shaped my outlook on life, influencing me to study engineering and help disadvantaged communities.