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Get the lowdown on the second day of the Chivas Venture Accelerator Programme.

8.30am…Round two!

After a jam-packed Monday, the final 27 are fuelled by a hearty English breakfast and ready to face the day ahead. Despite having travelled from all over the globe, the finalists are full of energy…well at least after they’ve had their morning coffee!

8.45am Pitch PerfectTo kick start the day’s session, Rob Geraghty is on hand to prep the group for their big pitches. Focusing on the techniques they’ll need to present their businesses for the Chivas Venture final in Amsterdam, Rob gives them some hands on practical advice. He outlines the power of intrigue in your opening, using your voice for impact, being more visual with your slides and how to reinforce your message in your closing statement as key to making your pitch truly perfect.10am Measuring Social ImpactAs the group splits into smaller teams for the rest of the day for their 1-1 sessions, each of the teams are also given a talk by Professor Alex Nicholls on measuring social impact. Nicholls talks the group through what to measure and ways of measuring it for social businesses.

He leaves them imparting the knowledge that, ‘it’s not just about numbers, it’s about interpretation. Impact measurement tells stories, you need to use data to tell yours.’

2pm Live with Sonal Shah

For our second live streamed session of the week, Dave Erasmus is chatting with Sonal Shah, an economist and entrepreneur with an impressive work history that includes serving under Obama and judging the Chivas Venture for the first three years running. Sonal discusses how individuals have the power to make big change happen by making small changes in their daily lives, like asking for veggie options when out and the way social entrepreneurship has grown even since the Chivas Venture started in 2015.

Here’s her top tips for social business:

Know your market
Know your product
Work as a team
Be able to adapt rapidly
Always iterate until you finely tune
Don’t give up!

For their final activity of the day the finalists are given access to some of the best pitch, executive and due diligence coaches in the country for their 1-1 coaching sessions. Giving the finalists a chance to get really in depth, personal mentoring, they’ll be able to take what they’ve learned and apply it to their pitches for the final event and beyond.

7.30pm Dining in style

Dressing for the occasion, the finalists, speakers and working team all headed to the stunnning Exeter College for the night. The college dinner was played in by an extremely talented harpist who knocked out the classics as well as some modern delights like Nirvana. An exquisite three course meal in equally beautiful surroundings, washed down with a whisky or two, made it a perfect way to celebrate the accomplishments of the finalists and everyone involved in the Chivas Venture.

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