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$5,000 Total funding received

Providing a glass of safe water within arm’s reach.

Agua Segura is a social enterprise providing safe drinking water to rural communities. Tailoring solutions that tackle regions' problem, we’re working to implement rain harvesting systems and facilitate clean water access across the globe.


Water scarcity is a global issue on the global agenda. United Nations recently revealed that 33% of the Latin American population does not have access to safe water in their homes*. In Argentina alone, 17% of the population does not have access to water suitable for consumption and 50% does not have access to sanitation**.

Responding to these major environmental and social challenges related to water, Proyecto Agua Segura empowers communities to take action through education and awareness of hygiene practices, in addition to providing technology to sanitise water.

Funding would allow us to…

…improve the lives of more people. In the last 4 years, we’ve helped deliver water solutions to more than 750 schools and 2,000 families, improving quality of life to over 70,000 children. However, to progress, we must employ specialists in circular water solutions. With the aid of funding, we would upskill our staff, invest in social marketing and advance our engineering capabilities.

What’s your blend for success?

In today’s climate, companies with purpose are the ones that will persevere. For this reason, we believe triple impact is the blend for success—we strive to make social and environmental impact, along with profit, through our purpose. An example of this is one extremely fulfilling and emotional moment when I learned that a family in a community no longer had to give their children up for adoption because they finally had access to safe water.

*United Nations World Water Development Report 2010
**INDEC 2009