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The world’s population is getting older at an unprecedented rate. In the last 50 years the number of people over the age of 65 has increased by roughly three and a half times. Between 20 to 40% of these people feel lonely and socially isolated, which in itself causes deterioration in health, mental decline and contributes to high rates of mortality. Sentab is an easy-to-use social networking platform built from the ground up for the most popular screen, TV, which has the fewest technical barriers. Sentab supports a socially-inclusive lifestyle by allowing the users to participate remotely in local events, enrol in educational courses and share life with family and friends to a degree that is not possible with today’s social networks. 


Loneliness and social isolation is a public health issue. In fact, research indicates that loneliness can have as much impact on one’s health and be a cause of mortality rates just as much as smoking. Social Finance has estimated that by addressing loneliness amongst a group of just 1,000 people, it could lead to public savings in excess of $1 million per year. Loneliness, as a risk, has not received enough attention and is an area where returns from social investment are measurable in billions of dollars. Sentab offers a new way of fighting loneliness through an inclusively designed interface, with clutter-free and empowering features and interest-based social interactions.