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Socialgiver is a lifestyle website with a social twist. We offer handpicked services and experiences such as hotel deals, gift-cards for restaurants, and tickets for events from leading brands at exclusive rates. For every purchase, 70% goes directly to support social projects of the buyer’s choice and 30% helps grow the SocialGiver community. Socialgiver helps lifestyle brands engage customers in their social initiatives by volunteering their ‘spare service capacity’. Consumers feel empowered knowing that their money goes to a great cause. And most importantly, social projects doing amazing work can get the financial support that they need. It’s win-win-win!


Every year, hundreds of social projects in Thailand fail due to a critical lack of funding, leaving vulnerable people, animals and fragile ecosystems without the support they desperately need. These problems continue to grow at a pace that cannot be matched by the resources made available to the social sector. Socialgiver provides a breakthrough solution that allows social projects to tap into consumer spending power, rather than just donations. By enabling businesses to create value from currently wasted resources, we aim to provide a sustainable and scalable solution. Socialgiver currently supports 10 projects that range from rehabilitation of wild animals to providing education for hill-tribe children. By December 2015, we want to support 50 projects across Thailand to effectively create impact on hundreds of lives – and then to offer our service for other countries around the world.


Joining The Venture was a bold move for us and we were out of comfort zone, but it helped us announce our business to the world. We have since brought on a number of Giving Partners and welcomed other social projects, to help us revolutionise fundraising. The most valuable part of The Venture was definitely meeting all the amazing people associated with the competition; from the organisers to the mentors, to the sharing sessions put on by the movers and shakers of the industry. Also, the judges and the crowd that came to the final event, all made the whole experience incredible.


We will kickstart 2016 with the launch of our new website. And in our first full operating year, we are aiming to raise at least $300,000 to support up to 50 social projects, in order to help us become self-sustainable. We have an ambitious mission to expand internationally throughout the world. Within five years, our dream is to become the world’s most loved Social Enterprise!