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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, instead of pitching at the Chivas Venture Global Final event, each of our finalists will immediately receive $40,000. Distributing the $1 million prize fund equally among our 26 finalists means that funding can be put towards creating positive change at a testing time for people across the globe.

Pernod Ricard Chairman and CEO Alexandre Ricard said:

“It is with great sadness that we have decided to cut short this year’s Chivas Venture competition due to the impact COVID-19 is having across the world. Now more than ever, our world needs the passion and dedication of those who want to bring about positive change. That’s why we have decided that each of our finalists should be provided with secure funding now, so they can continue their important work and continue to positively impact their communities in spite of these volatile conditions, which will be particularly challenging for fledgling businesses and the communities they serve.”


Our finalists this year have found unique and creative ways to tackle a wide range of social, environmental and economic challenges, many of which have been exacerbated by the global pandemic, especially in at risk or isolated communities. Find out who each of our 26 finalists are below.


Argentina &

Guillermo Pepe


Mamotest improves the quality and rates of breast cancer screening.

Australia Damian Veling

Okra Solar

Okra Solar designs and develops technology to provide tools specifically for energy utilities in countries with large off-grid populations.

Belgium Danae Van
Den Bossche

Oak Tree Projects

Oak Tree Projects creates space in co-housing developments, made available to people with special needs looking for independent living.

Brazil Tomas Abrahao Raízs

Raízs is a farm-to-table online shopping platform for organic, healthier and pesticide-free food.

Bulgaria Dr. Husein

Enova develops innovative instruments and services for better and faster water quality management.

Canada Heather Ward Tandem Technical

Tandem Technical is a start-up helping convert pollution from a liability into an asset.

Chile Alvaro Silberstein Wheel the World

Wheel the World helps adventurers with disabilities explore without limits through an online platform.

China Jane Zhao PET

PET aims to reduce single-use plastic production by using Polyethylene Terephthalate from recycled plastic bottles and transforming them into many types of fabric.

Colombia Maria Sanchez Recupera tu Silla

Recupera tu Silla are a furniture restoration business that saves money and resources while providing employment opportunities to people in vulnerable conditions.

England Thomas Fudge WASE

WASE develops decentralised wastewater treatment systems that embrace a circular economy to recover energy, nutrients, and water in wastewater.

France Anaïs Ryterband Pandobac

Pandobac aims to reduce B2B packaging waste by replacing food packaging with reusable crates.

Greece Yiorgos Nikoletakis 100 Mentors

100 Mentors widens horizons for students from underprivileged schools by connecting them with a wide range of professionals.

Israel Oshik Efrati HomeBiogas

HomeBiogas is a product that converts household waste into clean energy.

Italy Lorenzo Di Ciaccio Pedius

Pedius is an app that allows deaf people to make phone calls and eliminate existing communication barriers.

Japan Robin Lewis mymizu

mymizu (mizu means water in Japanese) is Japan's first free water refill platform that guides people to places that offer free refills around the country.

Kenya Jonah Mwangi Green Nettle Textile

Green Nettle Textile creates eco-fabrics from natural materials, rather than synthetics, using nettles.

Mexico Yusef Jacobs Graviti

Graviti is a financing system that allows poorer communities to access to basic services like hot water and electricity.

Netherlands Brian Tsuyoshi

Urchinomics aids the recovery of damaged kelp forests, which are vital for marine ecosystems, through the harvesting and sale of urchins.

Nigeria Ifeoluwa Olatayo Soupah Farm
en Market

Soupah Farm en Market tackles inefficiencies in the food supply chain in Nigeria by connecting small-scale rural farmers with urban retailers.

Poland Josh Brito MakeGrowLab

MakeGrowLab grows plastic-free packaging material from biowaste.

Scotland Lorenzo Conti Crover

Crover tackles food wastage and carbon emissions through a device that monitors cereal grains when stored in bulk.

Nhlanhla Ndlovu Hustlenomics

Hustlenomics replaces the shacks of low-income homeowners with durable structures made using recycled bricks.

Spain Gabriela Chang

EthicHub is a crowd lending platform that globally connects lenders from low-interest markets with unbanked, yet profitable small farming communities.

Thailand Thanakorn Phromyos YoungHappy

YoungHappy reduces social isolation and helps seniors live an active and fulfilling lifestyle, with access to certified services, events and products.

USA Katherine Sizov Strella BioTech

Strella BioTech aims to reduce the 40% of food that is wasted prior to consumption by educating and providing information on food quality.

Vietnam Bicky Nguyen CricketOne

CricketOne is a food start-up working with poor farmers and reducing agricultural waste by providing protein through crickets.

We'd like to wish each of our finalists all the best and thank them for their participation in the Chivas Venture 2020.