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We’re turning unwanted fabrics into fashion that cares.

Every year, the fashion industry generates piles of waste to landfill, making it the world’s second biggest environmental polluter after oil. We care about how our food is sourced, shouldn’t we care how our clothes are too?

At B Y T, we believe ‘waste’ can be redirected back into fashion without compromising style. We rescue surplus luxury fabrics and turn them into beautiful, affordable clothing and accessories, using sustainable and socially responsible supply chains. Designed by Kévin Germanier, winner of The EcoChic Design Award, our collections are proudly made in Asia where we draw upon a heritage of garment craftsmanship and master tailors.  We partner with sustainable manufacturers and social enterprises, to employ disenfranchised garment workers.

Building on the 10-year legacy of our sister charity Redress, B Y T transforms the way that fashion is made and worn, mitigating climate change. Our hope is to educate the industry and consumers alike about what sustainable fashion can truly be.

To take BYT to the next level we need… 

Funding, to help us expand our operational capabilities (such as warehousing & testing), so that we can make sure to re-introduce only the best and safest fabrics back into the market.

We are excited to launch our first womenswear collection in September 2017. With your help, we can expand into menswear, a sector which currently doesn’t have many sustainable options. We are uniquely positioned to responsibly act upon the excessive textile waste, which will allow us to mitigate climate change. We want to show the fashion industry that there is another way. A way which generates less waste, less pollution, and which fairly rewards the hard workers behind the clothes we wear.

I believe in the mantra…

By Roald Dahl, who said, “I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. Lukewarm is no good.” My sister, Erica, captures this and inspires me everyday. She lives by the most incredible selfless creed. She’s an extremely bright physician and helps by healing patients at their most vulnerable. She also trains other doctors who are personally touching the lives of countless others. As individuals we should all be responsible for positive change – big or small - and I think that businesses are uniquely positioned to have this power to affect positive change on a large scale.