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JOBDOH is a smart hiring platform to help temporary workers connect with and find the right jobs anytime, anywhere. With a location based and data-driven screening mechanism, workers have been able to start work that fit their needs and ability, within just one and a half hours. While employers can enjoy both speed and quality, workers benefit from the flexibility to earn an income quickly and an improved upward mobility by recording and showcasing their track record directly in the app. We currently collaborate with NGOs and cater to underserved communities such as mothers and ethnic minorities.


Combating poverty and empowering the less privileged is our goal. JOBDOH strives to enable the 840 million people around the world living under $2 USD a day by giving them access to better jobs and more opportunities. The potential productivity generated is estimated at $400 billion. Our platform also facilitates upward mobility and encourages true meritocracy by recording and showing all worker's’ job records and ratings. Finally, our platform gives employees a “voice” to both rate and vet out bad employers.