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Bee Smart Technologies is bringing breakthrough innovation to the global beekeeping industry. We increase overall honeybee health and decrease operating costs for beekeepers and our device can reverse the negative trend of honeybee mortality. Using our sensor technology and bio-based algorithms, we directly influence, measure and enhance the life of colonies, improving yields and boosting revenues whilst decreasing costs for beekeepers. Our solution gathers data directly from the hive. We use complex algorithms and a neural network to analyze and present this data to beekeepers in an interactive dashboard.


With our solution beekeepers have access to knowledge about their colonies they never had before. This helps them cut down operating costs whilst preventing devastating losses of bees. The measurable social impact comes from the fact that our technology decreases the mortality rate for honeybees, which will allow for more sustainable practices, well-beyond the beekeeping industry. Bees are nature’s own reproductive mechanism and support the entire agricultural sector through pollination. Ultimately our solution is directed towards securing the global food supply.