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$4,986 Total funding received


What began as a meaningful gift between mother and child has gone on to inspire Dumyé, a doll company hand-crafting personalized and purposeful cloth dolls. For each one purchased, a doll is gifted to one of the millions of children orphaned around the world, to make their own through an art workshop. Together we can bring love and light into the lives of not only our children but also the children who have not been spoken for. To date, Dumyé has nurtured customers in more than 15 countries spanning the globe and gifted dolls to hundreds of orphans, mostly refugees.


At the moment our world is being challenged by war, health epidemics, natural disasters and poverty– each one leaving behind thousands of children who have seen and experienced unimaginable emotional suffering. Dumyé has spent the last year and a half working with hundreds of these kids, offering them an opportunity to experience joy and relief through creative expression, in a safe and nurturing environment. The blank dolls used in these workshops are created by an NGO in India, allowing us to economically empower the women who make them and in turn, they use their proceeds to educate the next generation of girls. All Dumyé dolls incorporate organic, sustainable and natural materials, honoring our commitment to Mother Nature. Dumyé dolls are a meaningful keepsake that empowers parents to share lessons of compassion, empathy and respect with our world’s future leaders. All of these elements comprise what we call Karmic Goodness™.


We applied to The Venture because the possibility of receiving no-strings attached funding to nurture Dumyé’s growth was too good to pass up. The highlight of The Venture was definitely sharing Dumyé’s story with the international judging panel, during the final. Those seven minutes represented everything Dumyé has worked so hard to achieve and all that it hopes to accomplish in the future. One of the most valuable parts of The Venture was that one of their team here in Dubai, was generous enough to send us to India so we could meet up with one of our production partners. Having the opportunity to meet the women we support was incredible, and seeing firsthand the positive effect financial independence has had on their lives was unforgettable.


With The Venture behind us, our time has been invested in growth. We’ve successfully launched our new DIY DOLL KITS, inspired by the dollmaking workshops we hold with orphans and vulnerable children. They have everything our kids need to design a doll of their own, including a congratulatory certificate explaining the positive impact their doll kit is making on the world. At the moment we are currently preparing for our biggest workshop to date. We’ll be travelling to Egypt to work with nearly 1,000 orphans and vulnerable children over the course of a week. It is going to be spectacular.