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At Arthesis we create beautiful prosthetic covers for leg amputees who want to express themselves boldly and creatively. Wearing our covers makes amputees feel confident the same way as wearing stylish clothes. An Arthesis cover weighs about 250 grams which makes it very convenient to wear. In addition, the covers are engineered so as not to restrict the movement of the artificial leg. Our patent pending click-it mechanism guarantees that the covers will fit perfectly on any prosthesis. It also allows users to change their cover as easily as changing clothes and depending on their situation they are in.


The biggest issue for amputees with an artificial leg is not the functionality of their prosthesis but rather dissatisfaction with the way it looks. With an Arthesis cover, every prosthetic looks extraordinary and beautiful. Our current customers claim their confidence has skyrocketed from using their cover and they have become much more eager to show off their artificial leg rather than hide it.


When we learnt about The Venture we saw an opportunity to showcase our product to more people around the world. And we were pleased to find that it really did that! Shortly after the voting ended, we went to Lyon to participate in the ISPO World Congress and were very surprised to discover that almost everyone had heard of us due to participating in The Venture. Since then we have had a lot of requests for partnerships with clinics and distributors around the world.


We have a lot of new orders already which is very exciting. Our goals for the next six months are to organize production, apply for a Patient Care Technician Certification and also to become CE certified, meaning we will conform to EU health, environment and safety requirements. This will enable us to distribute even more widely.