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Our vision has always been to blend success and generosity. Just as our founders John and James Chivas did in the 19th century, these are principles that sit at our core. This year, we’ve refreshed the format of the Chivas Venture for a grassroots approach that supports social change in local communities. Working with local cultural leaders around the world, this change means we can get into the heart of communities and help with issues that really matter. Upcoming young talent who hustle hard will be taught skills and provided opportunities by these leaders, so that they can build their empire while doing good in the world.
Chivas x Venture x South Africa

The first country to pilot this new programme is South Africa. With a passion to put Africa on the map, the Chivas Venture is focusing on fashion design within the country and is using only African resources for a sustainable fashion collection. Four apprentices are working together to create A Grade, a nine-piece capsule collection funded entirely by Chivas. Proceeds will both be donated to Grade Africa Foundation – a charity that gives back to the local community – and will be used to help the apprentices continue their careers on an upwards trajectory.

Leading the way for our four apprentices is Zaid Osman, who founded Africa’s largest youth culture festival Sneaker Exchange and set up Grade Africa Foundation. Zaid and his team are currently mentoring the apprentices, teaching them key skills and helping them kickstart their careers.

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With a vision to expand this updated Chivas Venture format across multiple countries, we’re hoping to work with go-getters worldwide and truly drive positive change at the heart of local communities.