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$40,000 Total funding received


In Mexico, hundreds of thousands of households don’t have access to electricity, clean drinking water, or safe hot water systems. The families that have the least economic resources often have to pay for the most expensive energy, despite using so little.

At Graviti, we sell sustainable products that cover basic needs which are paid in monthly instalments to low-income, unbanked families. We accomplish this by solving the main challenges that prevent families from acquiring these products: financing and payment. We have developed a marketplace of microfinance institutions and distributors of solar heaters, purification systems and photovoltaic systems that allow us to offer these products with financing – without having to provide the financing, inventory, warehouses, facilities, maintenance, or cover guarantees. This makes our model highly scalable. At the same time, we allow users to pay their credits in cash weekly, biweekly or monthly in up to 45,000 correspondents.


We have managed to provide basic services to more than 1,100 families, which directly impacts more than 4,000 people. We currently save 60% of our users' previous monthly expenses and install 25 systems a week with a 10% weekly growth. For half of our clients, our financing is the first they have had.

Funding would allow us to bring basic services to more than 300,000 people in one and a half years. This would be by increasing our marketing in order to reach more families, as well as growing our sales and technology teams to develop important tools. On top of this, we will continue to improve our web platform with additional features that will allow us to include more distributors and more microfinance institutions to expand our geographic reach.


At university, I met low-income communities for a project that involved creating a low cost design that didn’t harm the environment. I was surprised to see how many people didn’t have access to very basic services. I knew then that as I had the opportunity and engineering skills to help these people, I had a responsibility to do so.


We have prioritised building a business model that blends profitability with impact – they go hand in hand. Prioritising this in everything we do means that when the company is more profitable, our impact is multiplied.

We believe that no matter what your skills, interests, background and experiences are, we have the responsibility to use the tools we have developed to solve real social problems. Whether you are an engineer or a financial analyst, in sales or legal, we should all be highly critical of where we employ our time and knowledge. For me, success is using your valuable skills to make real impact.