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$113,226 Total funding received
Made It To The Final 5


Where others see rubbish, garbage and waste, we at Diseclar see furniture. Thanks to our inventive manufacturing process we’re able to turn waste materials into stylish furniture that can be used in and outdoors. By using non-degradable plastic and vegetable fibres that come from agro-industrial waste sites, we’re able to create a product that both looks and feels like solid wood. Our stylish, custom pieces not only look great, they’re also resistant to moisture, rot, insects and UV rays, and are markedly better for the environment than traditionally produced furniture.


Because of our innovative approach to producing furniture by re-using waste, we’re able to tackle several key environmental and social issues here in Colombia. In our first year of operation we recycled 300,000 kg of plastic waste and 192,000 kg of agro-industrial waste. This prevented the production of over 17,000 tons of CO2. As a substitute for wooden furniture, our unique mix of waste products saves more than 2,000 trees per year. And thanks to our innovative process, we reduce the energy expelled during production by 85%. In doing so, we save more than 120,750 tons of oil. We also hope to increase our level of impact by creating 300 indirect jobs for recyclers, from whom the company will source plastic waste, and we’ll work with coffee farmers across the country to buy their agro-industrial waste, like coffee chaff.


We applied to The Venture because it was the best way to get the necessary funding to help us scale-up quickly. The Accelerator Week was a great opportunity to improve our company and to improve our pitch. That week really helped clarify how we could grow Diseclar, but the highlight was the final event. Presenting Diseclar to more than 300 people was very scary but the five minutes on stage were unforgettable. It was simply incredible to share our experiences and ideas with other social entrepreneurs, all around the world.


The next big milestone is to export our products to other countries and replicate our business model in Mexico. In the last three months, we have grown by 250%. Many of these new customers found out about Diseclar through newspaper coverage of The Venture. We are still looking to find further investment and to export our products to Ecuador and USA. In the long term we really want to recycle more than 5000 tons of waste per month.