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At Coolpeds our mission is to offer an innovative, compact and eco-friendly way to travel. One that not only helps people get around efficiently, but also improves local communities by reducing pollution and congestion. So we’ve designed and manufactured the lightest electric transporters in the world. Our scooters are not only light, they’re also foldable, produce zero emission and will even charge your phone. Our newest product features a super compact briefcase electric scooter. Also, we’ve just been granted a patent for a solar powered scooter and are planning to develop an innovative and affordable power train system for wheelchairs users.


Air pollution and traffic congestion are becoming ever more serious problems around the world. From air quality to commuting times, the lives of the people who live in large cities are impacted more and more everyday. Through the use of the latest technology, we can offer an eco-friendly, convenient and affordable means of travel that will not only reduce pollution, but ease congestion on city streets, immeasurably improving the standard of living for people around the world. Not just in the cities, but everywhere. In addition to this, we recognise the importance of giving back to those in a less fortunate situation. So we will also be donating a kick scooter to underprivileged children at Hope Schools in China for every solar powered scooter we sell.


Our good friends told us about The Venture, and we thought it was an awesome opportunity to join forces with other innovative entrepreneurs to solve problems around the world. And Chivas is a global brand which can lift the entire social enterprise effort to the next level. We learned a lot from the judges and mentors, especially during the Accelerator Week. Also, we got great media coverage as a result of the whole campaign; we are glad that the media and people love our innovative products, especially the briefcase electric scooters. All in all, The Venture has been a fun, benevolent, fantastic and superbly organized campaign. We are certain that it will grow bigger and more influential each year!


Coolpeds has opened lots of new sales channels and partnerships around the world. And we are accelerating at a really fast pace at the moment. We are working very hard to become the world leader in compact electric transporters. Our next big project will be offering an internet-connected, smart, fun and affordable electric car for the mass market; this project will epitomize the future of city transportation. It will be compact in size and carry two people; it will be smart and very cool looking!