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We’re heading into winter and that means the party season is kicking into gear.

We’ve all heard of mulled wine at a festive gathering, but we know you can do much better than that. With spiced syrups, sparkling selections and indulgent drinks, your drinks menu will be the star of the show - and what better VIP ingredient than a bottle of Chivas?

Set The Scene

You could put out some random drinks and mixers, but we suggest doing some prep to really impress your guests. First, pop on a Christmas playlist for a soundtrack of sleigh bells before your guests turn up and get into the festive mood.

As your guests arrive, serve up XV Champagne Cocktails for an easy way to make a big impression, and feel free to add a twist by including your favourite berry or slice of fruit. If you want a more citrusy zing, go for the Chivas 75 - try dropping the cherry in from a height for a dramatic effect.

If you want to really dazzle your friends and family, put together some Family Gathering cocktails. This is the perfect way to showcase your drinks-making skills by blending champagne, vermouth and seasonal citrus flavours with your favourite Chivas.

Appetising Bites

It isn’t a Christmas party without nibbles.This year, forgo the simple snack bags and lay out a beautiful selection board. Think salted nuts, olives, charcuterie and your favourite cheeses. Sprinkle with a dash of sea salt and pair with a full-bodied whisky like Chivas Extra 13 Sherry Cask, or a versatile blend like Chivas 12.

If you have the time, put together some elegant winter canapés. Think high-grade Scottish salmon to pair with quality Scotch, delicate pastries or vegetable spring rolls and homemade dips to get the juices flowing.

Don’t neglect the sweet tooth. Chocolate always works like a charm with whisky, so put out some dark, white and milk chocolate and let people mix it up. If you’re going for a sweet theme, the Chocolate Skyline cocktail is a showstopper but make a start on it the night before.

As The Night Goes On

Once your party’s in full swing, turn up the volume and dial up the mixology. The Mulled Mizunara Highball needs some prep but when it comes to peak-time drinks brimming with festive flavours, nothing comes close - and it’s easy to pull together once you’ve made the syrup.

Other options you can try include these 15 winter whisky cocktails over the festive season, advent calendar-style. Make sure to save the easier ones for late in the evening though.

Time To Wind Down

There’s only one option for your final cocktail of the night: the classic Hot Toddy, done Chivas-style. It’s a warmed-up combination of exotic spices, honey and ginger, and the perfect wind-down for any kind of night.

There’s a Chivas cocktail for any occasion. Take a look at our selection of festive whisky cocktails and find your perfect match!

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