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Raise a glass to the new year the right way: with a Chivas whisky cocktail, of course.

Raise a glass to the new year the right way: with a Chivas whisky cocktail, of course.

New Year’s Eve drinks are a time to flex – now’s not the time for being basic. From the cool classic of an Old Fashioned to a sparkling champagne cocktail, New Year’s Eve is the invite you needed to level up your cocktail game.

These celebratory whisky cocktails for New Year’s Eve are the perfect way to say an eager see ya to 2020, and hello to 2021.

1. Chivas 75 cocktail recipe

What’s New Year’s Eve without champagne? Upgrade your glass of fizz with this cocktail recipe for New Year’s Eve, the Chivas 75. A Scotch twist on a classic French 75, this whisky cocktail recipe uses velvety Chivas XV, which is selectively finished* in cognac casks, for a luxurious finish.

Discover the Chivas 75 cocktail recipe

2. The Royal Handshake cocktail recipe

See in the new year the regal way with the Royal Handshake. This cocktail for New Year’s Eve is short, strong and sure to impress with a sweet cherry wine reduction alongside the smooth Chivas 12.

Discover the Royal Handshake cocktail recipe

3. Chocolate Skyline cocktail recipe

New Year’s drinks should be a treat – and the Chocolate Skyline is definitely that. Fat-washing Chivas 18 with chocolate heroes the chocolate notes in the whisky without making it overly rich or sweet. It’s also easy to make on the night, combining just two ingredients.

Discover the Chocolate Skyline cocktail recipe

4. Old Fashioned cocktail recipe

Flex with a classic Old Fashioned. Having seen in more than a few New Year’s Eves, this iconic whisky cocktail recipe has never gone out of style. Cool and classy, it’s the perfect drink to impress on a celebratory night.

Discover the Old Fashioned cocktail recipe

5. William Wallace cocktail recipe

With a deep red hue, this whisky cocktail for New Year’s screams luxe. The William Wallace is a twist on the classic Rob Roy, adding sweet Pedro Ximénez sherry and orange bitters to the mix.

Discover the William Wallace cocktail recipe

6. Breakfast Epiphany cocktail recipe

Cocktail syrups are ideal when planning cocktail recipes for New Year’s Eve. Made in advance and ready to add bags of flavour in an instant, this whisky cocktail recipe features a tangy apple cider syrup. Breakfast Epiphany was created specifically to make the most of Chivas XV, our luxurious celebratory whisky – need we say more?

Discover the Breakfast Epiphany cocktail recipe

7. XV Champagne Cocktail recipe

Simple yet incredibly chic, this whisky cocktail is a mood. Adding bitters to a sugar cube in the glass before topping with Chivas XV and champagne creates even more bubbles within the glass – the ideal impressive New Year’s drink.

Discover the Chivas XV Champagne cocktail recipe

8. Aberdeen Flip cocktail recipe

Going more down the chilled dinner party route opposed to a party? Then the Aberdeen Flip is the perfect cocktail recipe to impress this New Year’s Eve. Sweet and rich, this whisky cocktail recipe uses honeyed spice syrup, chocolate bitters and black cherry jam alongside Chivas 18 for a drink that tops any dessert.

Discover the Aberdeen Flip cocktail recipe

9. Pet Name cocktail recipe

Nothing says goals like lounging back with a luxurious cocktail in hand. Let your guests look and feel the part with the Pet Name, a simple yet refreshing whisky cocktail recipe for New Year’s Eve with champagne, mint and Chivas XV.

Discover the Pet Name cocktail recipe

10. Orange Ripple cocktail recipe

Going all out to impress with your New Year’s drinks? The Orange Ripple is sure to score you some bonus points with friends. This whisky cocktail uses an ancient Roman technique called oleo saccharum to bring sweet yet intense citrus flavours to the drink. Fancy.

Discover the Orange Ripple cocktail recipe

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