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Pink Scotch cocktails? Whisky slushy drinks? We’re taking things up a notch.

Neat serves and Old Fashioneds: they’re both tried, tested and terrific ways to drink whisky. However, you’re sorely mistaken if you think they’re the only ways. Whisky Highballs and Whisky Sours have now cemented their place in whisky history, but why stop there?

“Surely that’s not Scotch?!”, you may think when you see – and taste – our four new favourites below. Adding a slightly deeper flavour profile to a huge range of cocktails, Scotch can in fact be used in a never-ending menu of drinks. And when paired with our range of blends and cask finishes, the opportunities are endless.

From frozen cocktails to sweet and creative drinks, these refreshing summer drinks will have you making the Chivas swap in no time.

Extra Sangria

Red and refreshing, a fruity Sangria hits the spot. Our Sangria recipe with whisky builds a deeper flavour profile using Chivas Extra 13 Sherry Cask, and as a portion of this blended Scotch whisky is selectively matured in Oloroso sherry casks, it’s the perfect blend for the job.

You can also make frozen Sangria by throwing all the ingredients in a blender – all you need now is a Mediterranean sunset to match.

Extra Colada

Nothing says holiday vibes like a Piña Colada. And no spirit screams beach time like… whisky? Yes, whisky is absolutely at home in our twist on a Piña Colada recipe.

Adding classic Piña Colada ingredients (but critically, swapping rum for Chivas 12 or Chivas Extra 13 Rum Cask) to a blender results in an ice-cold, homemade Piña Colada with added depth. And really, who can say no to a frozen Piña Colada?

Extra Paloma

You think of tequila and Mexico, and you think of the Margarita. However, did you know the Paloma cocktail is far more popular locally than its shorter and sharper counterpart?

Long and light with soda, agave and tangy grapefruit, Palomas are fantastic when made with Chivas Extra 13 Tequila cask, as a portion of our blended Scotch whisky is selectively finished in tequila casks. Looking to take it up a notch with a frozen Paloma? No problem – just grab a blender and watch the video below.

Chivas Cosmopolitan

Ah, the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail. Made famous on iconic TV shows as *the* drink to be seen with, this pink and fruity concoction is probably the last thing that comes to mind when thinking of whisky cocktails.

Enter the Chivas Cosmopolitan. Chivas’ signature orchard fruit flavour profile with vanilla notes marry beautifully with the ingredients for a Cosmopolitan cocktail, namely sweet cranberry juice. Add in Chivas Extra 13 Rye Cask, with a portion of our blended Scotch whisky selectively finished in American rye casks, and you’ve got a new star in the making.

Inspired by our unique cocktails? Check out our selection of creative cocktails with Chivas.

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