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Take your pick between luxurious and laid-back Paris with Chivas Brand Ambassador Charlotte Philips.

THE CHIVAS BRAND AMBASSADORS are located in various countries around the world, and their job is to inspire people with their youthful enthusiasm around Chivas Regal and Scotch whisky. Explore the unique contrasts and venues in different cities through the eyes of those whose job is to know the best.

FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE CITY OF LOVE. It’s no secret that Paris is nicknamed the City of Love. So that’s exactly what I did: Armed with a shiny new job as Chivas Brand Ambassador, I moved to the French capital and fell head over heels in love with this gorgeous metropolis. While I’m half French myself (and half American), I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing life in Paris. Having grown up in South America, the US and UK, before completing my studies in Canada, it was high time I had my own love affair with the French capital.

The City of Love is prettiest after dark.

SETTLING IN. I was surprised to find that moving to Paris wasn’t the easiest of feats, as basic tasks, like finding an apartment, were time-consuming and filled with paperwork. Driving around Paris was also quite the experience, and if you’ve ever tried navigating the Arc de Triomphe roundabout, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I definitely learnt to be more assertive! As France’s Chivas Brand Ambassador, I had the chance to meet people from all walks of life. I quickly learnt to be independent and a go-getter as each day was different: I could be hosting tastings at one of the world’s biggest whisky fairs one day, and the next launching a cocktail competition with Paris’s top bartenders.

LIFE IS FOR LIVING. The Parisians know how to take their time and enjoy themselves: one-hour lunch breaks are non-negotiable; coffee breaks are many; and ‘apéro’ time (drinks before dinner) is indispensable. The French culture is one where leisurely dinners are king and where people linger on terraces till the early hours.

Parisians love to take their time and enjoy the moment.

FROM GLAM TO CASUAL. Truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, what sparked my love affair with the French capital was its offer of seemingly paradoxical lifestyles: One was defined by timeless luxury and glamour, while the other was cool, contemporary and laid-back. Every night, I had the pleasure of choosing which Paris I wanted to experience. And Paris is certainly prettiest after dark…

FIT FOR ROYALTY. Start your evening off at The Peninsula’s rooftop bar, aptly named Le Rooftop. A historic building, this hotel recently acquired the prestigious “Palace” distinction, the highest level of excellence awarded to only a handful of 5-star hotels. A destination that has palatial ratings is surely meant to make you feel like royalty, n’est-ce pas? But of course! With unparalleled views of the Eiffel Tower, exceptional service, delectable cocktails, and an intimate space frequented by the Parisian crème de la crème, it’s no wonder you fancy yourself a king or queen for the night.

CHIVAS PAIRINGS. For dinner, head over to Victoria 1836, where you can take in spectacular views of L’Arc de Triomphe, one of Paris’s most famous landmarks. I’m ready to bet that you’ll be distracted by the Chivas Bar first though. Designed in collaboration with the local Chivas team and Global Brand Ambassador Max Warner, this flagship bar is quite a sight. A unique feature within the restaurant, the Chivas Bar displays rows upon rows of Chivas Regal bottles that extend into the ceiling. My advice is to order the three-course Chivas cocktail pairing menu, which changes seasonally. C’est magnifique!

Aurelie Panhelleux takes over Victoria 1836's Chivas Bar during the Chivas Masters 2016.RA RA RASPOUTINE. Now you should be ready to dance the night away, and for that, there’s only one destination to end a glamorous Parisian night out on a high note. Located in the centre of Paris’s Golden Triangle, Raspoutine is a baroque Russian-themed cabaret and icon of Parisian nightlife. With a plush interior adorned with burgundy velvet, this legendary nightclub will transport you to another time… until it’s time to go home.CASUAL RENDEZVOUS. And now for the relaxed side of Paris… Le Marais is Paris’s historic district, filled with stunning architecture, cute boutiques, hip bars and trendy restaurants – ideal for discovering the real Paris (especially as this is where locals hang out). But first, dinner at Le Mary Celeste. The fact that this neighbourhood restaurant/bar is always packed is a tribute to its excellence – the tapas-style plates use local produce and the menu is regularly updated. From behind the quirky octagonal bar, the skilled bartenders will prepare the perfect cocktail to complement your meal.

BEHIND THE LITTLE RED DOOR. Next up is Little Red Door. Featured in World’s 50 Best Bars, you mustn’t leave Paris without visiting this speakeasy that lies behind, yes you guessed it, a little red door. The team that runs this gem can only be qualified as the best hosts: funny, warm and great at what they do. Their creativity shines through in their evocative cocktail menu, which is more like an art book. There are no recipes, just bespoke works of art per page – choose your drink based on which art piece speaks to you most. I don’t know about you, but page 9 is very alluring.

Match your cocktail to your mood at Little Red Door.

DANCE IT OFF. Finally off to the Badaboum to shake it all off, an unpretentious nightclub where pumping music is king and lighting is spectacular. The beauty of Paris is that you can mix and match these two worlds – elegant and glamour one minute, then casual and hip the next.

Paris is a city of contrasts and surprises where you can plan your night-out according to your mood.

THE END. During my time in the French capital, I met so many Parisians (whether bartenders, cocktail drinkers or whisky lovers) who are passionate about Chivas Regal – this, in turn, deepened my own love for Chivas, and for Paris, of course. As Paris is a city of contrasts and surprises, the cocktail I would chose to represent the essence of Paris would have to be Aurelie Panhelleux’s “A bicyclette” cocktail. Created for the 2016 edition of the Chivas Masters cocktail competition, this delicious concoction reflects the vibrant nature of this city. Swing by Aurelie’s bar, CopperBay, and tell her Charlotte sent you.

A bicyclette

Chivas Regal 12

St Raphael amber

Espresso stout from the Paname Brewing Company
Paname Brewing Company, located on the banks of the Bassin de la Villette, is an artisanal brewery that’s especially popular on sunny days.

Homemade honey syrup using honey from Nicolas Julhès’s beehive
Nicolas Juhles is a Parisian entrepreneur that owns high-end food and wine stores across the city. Their staff is passionate about whisky and will be sure to recommend the very best.

1 barspoon fig vinegar

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