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$19,511 Total funding received


We manufacture eyeglass frames from recycled plastic bottles. By using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) from the plastic we can make affordable but durable frames. We are both reducing pollution and creating frames that are fully accessible to everyone. As we make our products from what is essentially garbage we can make glasses that even those living in poverty can afford. We have the ability to be very profitable because the source material is so cheap: 1kg PET = 80 cents = 50 frames. In addition we are helping to reduce pollution by recycling plastic waste. 


Out of the four and half billion people in the world with poor eyesight, two and half billion cannot afford prescription glasses. A solution was desperately needed and we have provided it. In addition to solving this crucial issue, our project is minimising the damage caused by non-biodegradable plastic by recycling the material for an important cause.