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In recent years, the Chinese people have faced serious problems with food safety. One of the threats comes from illegally recycled waste cooking oil. At the same time, transport is causing serious air pollution. MotionECO is aiming to resolve both issues simultaneously by providing guides for transforming waste oil into sustainable fuel. By building up a closed loop to eliminate the waste oil from the food sector, we are improving food safety and the environment in one go. It’s a win-win situation.


The sustainable fuel produced from waste helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% as well as dramatically reducing particle pollution, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants that come out of the exhaust. We are different from others in that we are connecting the source of waste oil, such as restaurant chains, with the end user, like transport, to build a safe, closed loop.


It was a great experience for me; from the local competition, to the training in Oxford and the Finals in New York City, we feel honoured and lucky to have taken part in the whole journey. To share that experience with such a remarkable collective of individuals from all over the world made it particularly special. The highlight for me was actually the local market final in China. When we first entered the competition I honestly had very few expectations, least of all to make it all the way. It was our first experience of an international competition and I’m not quite sure we appreciated the scale and exposure of The Chivas Venture. It exceeded all our expectations. 


After the competition we completed our first commercial pilot with a leading global franchise chain. This means that our solution is feasible both from a technical and economical point-of-view. A great endorsement for our business and one which will inevitably further our positive social impact. The next step is to roll out several other projects with government, organisations, and other leading companies that will help us further develop our business. Post taking part in The Chivas Venture, we were invited to London for a four-day festival of ideas and innovation offering curious minds a rare glimpse into the future of cities, showcasing bright energy ideas and providing a platform for innovation, collaboration and conversation about the global energy future.