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At Molcure we combine a deep knowledge of Next Generation Sequencing, bioinformatics and molecular biology, into the drug discovery platform, Abtracer. Our Abtracer system is a patent-pending framework combining the phage display technique and NGS-analysis of antibody DNA sequences, using machine learning algorithms. Our company’s aim is to cure the incurable by discovering drugs for diseases with no effective treatment. We do this by providing a groundbreaking new service that enables pharmaceutical companies, who are developing new antibody drugs, to identify antibody candidates 30 times faster, and ten times more likely to identify and unearth the next blockbuster drug. By using Abtracer, our clients can maximize the potential of their current antibody libraries and screening methods.


With longer life spans and an ageing society, there is a growing demand for the treatment of chronic disorders and unmet medical needs. Traditionally, drug development requires huge investments and the time-frame for creating them is long and arduous. Our mission is therefore to maximise drug viability, minimise drop-rate and enable therapeutic biomolecules to enter the market quicker. With biomolecule discovery and an engineering platform, we provide the best drugs for patients in the quickest time. Using the method of phage display for antibody discovery, there is always a risk of losing antibody candidates due to the bacterial amplification bias. Abtracer solves this problem by combining next-generation DNA sequencing with artificial intelligence. One of the great benefits of using Abtracer is being able to find the antibody candidates that conventional methods can never discover in the phage library.