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$9,109 Total funding received


Epitrack is a startup based in Recife, which develops online platforms for digital disease detection. The objective of these platforms, whether it be websites or apps, is to identify the risk of outbreaks and epidemics of infectious diseases. This is made possible by crowdsourcing data in order to build healthier communities. We believe we are unique due to our mix of epidemiologists, developers and designers working together, who have different perspectives when it comes to dealing with these problems. These different points-of-view complement each other, creating the perfect environment to fully understand the challenges we face and to provide innovative solutions.


The next global recession will be triggered by pandemics. Outbreaks remain an important cause of mortality in populations but our platforms are able to identify risk scenarios before they occur and provide the relevant bodies to make much more assertive decisions in dealing with potential outbreaks. The pharmaceutical industry can also benefit from improving logistics and the distribution of medicines.


It was an amazing experience to be part of this opportunity. The Chivas Venture challenges you to think differently about business, and what it means to win in business. Not just to win, but to win the right way by positively impacting people and solving relevant problems that affects society. I had a chance to delve deeper into my own business, to better understand things we need to address or potential issues that may occur in the future. The experience has also definitely improved my management skills, and I learned new ways to become a better social entrepreneur. 


We are raising further investment in Brazil, with one of the most important Venture Capitalist funds here, and we are actually planning on launching a brand new platform in 2018, that we believe will really disrupt the healthcare system. We are also looking to further expand our digital disease detection platforms, in order to integrate them with biosensors based on our molecular approach. We are looking to construct epidemiological settings for cervix, prostate and breast cancer, whilst it is obviously crucial that we significantly raise our user base and make further hires in the field of molecular biology. After The Chivas Venture, we earned press coverage in local news outlets Exame.com and Olhar Digital, and also earned acclaim from Sustainable Brands, the global network of over 348,000 sustainable business leaders from around the globe that are trying to use business and innovation to create a better future.