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$4,677 Total funding received


Diagnochip is a small device that can determine, in a just few hours, the most effective treatment for urinary tract infections. Using microfluidic technology, the device functions as an antibiotic susceptibility test that will accurately analyse urine and blood samples to determine what antibiotics are required, in a time frame equal or less than that of a conventional laboratory diagnostic test. Patients are those suffering from bacteria-related urinary infections and the technology is intended to be used as a POCT (Point of Care Testing) device for low-income populations living in rural areas or where medical facilities are poor. Our fast-test kits are affordable, sensitive, user-friendly, quick and robust. They are equipment free and easily deliverable to users living in the developing world.


We can easily summarize the impact of our business in three points; firstly the Diagnochip offers a faster and cheaper solution that could potentially serve as a replacement to more sophisticated diagnostic systems, affording access to basic healthcare services to the developing world. The conventional method takes at least 72 hours to deliver results, whereas ours can achieve this within four to eights hours. Secondly, our technology promotes the importance of adequate antibiotic use. Thirdly, urinary infections are common and in some cases patients can be hospital bound for 10 to 13 days. Therefore our technology can help alleviate the enormous burden of this disease for the public and private health sectors. 


Taking part in the competition was a very exciting experience for us. One of the highlights of the competition was the collaborative spirit amongst each of the finalist. It was not a competition for us but an opportunity to meet 26 other incredible entrepreneurs and amazing businesses from all over the world. Everything we encountered along the way confirmed to me that we’re on the right track to achieving our dreams as a business. With some small changes, we can make a huge social impact. 


Our next milestone is setting up a manufacturing plant to produce enough Rapid Antibiotic Sensitivity Kits to expand our operations in Chilean and Colombian markets. We plan to start manufacturing in March this year and we will initially focus on rolling out the kits in Chile. Once we have beta tested the device there and understand the commercial demands in our market, we will expand into Colombia, Mozambique, Angola and Nigeria.