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$1,700 Total funding received


We have created the first digital social health platform, AlzhUp, in the fight against Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia based on NPT (non-pharmacological therapies) that aim to delay cognitive impairment and help in active ageing. We’ve achieved this by integrating scientifically validated NPT into a digital format, that customizes them with your own memories thanks to a personal bank of memories that catalogues them with a mnemonic algorithm based on the art of memory, increasing the effectiveness of these therapies and promoting active participation of the family by integrating gamification techniques. We increase the quality of life not only of patients but also for caregivers and family.


AlzhUp can delay the cognitive effects of Alzheimer’s by up to three years. We do this by using scientifically validated therapies and a methodology that activates the multi-plasticity of the brain. We customise these therapies with memories thanks to a patented algorithm that catalogues them in the way ours brain need to remember them. Thanks to this, we can also reduce the emotional and financial costs associated with this disease. Our platform could cut the financial cost by up to 30% for individual families, estimated to be €35,000 (mainly by reducing time spent at hospitals, medical centres, reducing the time and attention needed by caregivers, and by reducing costs of on treatments needed). This could potentially help reduce the global cost of Alzheimer’s by an estimated $600 billion a year. We also provide a powerful tool to gather Big Data for Alzheimer’s (we cover more than 350 parameters of seven different cognitive areas) that will help the scientific community in their bid to find a cure.