$53,824.34 Total funding received

We’re giving people the power of movement...

By creating affordable exoskeleton technology that will assist those who suffer from mobility loss. My dad worked hard all his life, taking good care of his family, and he was looking forward to his retirement to fulfill new dreams. But before this could happen, he started having difficulty walking and raising his arms. He went through two surgeries, more than two thousand hours of rehabilitation, and over $17,000 spent in physical therapy (from his own pocket). That’s when I realised that mobility is not affordable to everyone...

WeaRobot aims to democratize access to exoskeletons, by making them 46 times cheaper than existing options. Aside from being cheaper, they are also better adapted to individual needs, as we create them in parts, tailored to each individual. We use Virtual Reality technology to make rehab more fun and possible to do at home. Users can be connected to a doctor via an app, so that they can receive medical advice remotely. We want to restore the mobility of people who have lost it due to disease, trauma or old age; and empower them with the autonomy to do the things they love.


Funding would enable us to...

Undertake a clinical study with 20 patients, engaging them in two-hour sessions to evaluate the benefits of our technology compared with a commercial solution. Furthermore, we would expand our team in key positions of sales, manufacturing, and distribution. Finally, it would enable us to refine our technology to a commercial version ready for mass-production.

My advice to someone launching a social enterprise…

Fall in love with the problem, discover your customers quickly, and validate your idea. Be open to pivoting and surround yourself with a team that shares your values. And remember to share; it’s better to have 1% of something than 100% of nothing.