Chivas Regal Mizunara Bottle


Chivas Regal Mizunara Bottle


Infused with the unmistakable flavours of Japan, Chivas Mizunara is your bullet train straight to the heart of a unique and exciting culture. We’ve given the bottle a glow-up recently, so now’s the perfect time to discover this elegant whisky.

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So what makes Chivas Mizunara so special?

Well, the clue’s in the name. This whisky is selectively finished in Mizunara oak casks*, giving it an authentic complexity that’s instantly familiar. Mizunara oak is incredibly rare – the trees need to be 200 years old before they can be cut, so casks are hard to find and incredibly expensive. Mizunara translates as ‘water oak’ – the wood has a high moisture content and it’s very porous, so it takes great skill to make it into water-tight casks. It’s this combination of Japanese craft with hundreds of years of Scottish whisky-making tradition that makes Chivas Mizunara so special.

Of course, what you really want to know is – how does it taste? Make sure to give it a sniff first and inhale those deep pear and orange fruity notes. Then take a sip, and taste a mix of smooth, rich, floral flavours. If you’ve tried Japanese whiskies, you’ll recognise that right away. You’ll also get sweet honey and hazelnut, followed by a little spice on the finish. A splendid Scotch blend with a Japanese influence. It’s all there in one sensational mouthful.

And if you love cocktails, you’re in for a treat. The delicate flavours of Chivas Mizunara work beautifully with authentic Japanese ingredients. Did you know you can rustle up a yuzu peach highball in a couple of minutes? Just imagine how good that tastes. And if highballs are your thing, try our shiso green tea recipe. We pay tribute to sake too, with warm cocktails. Try it paired with hot spiced apple juice or mulled wine. Perfect when you want to raise the temperature.

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How to pair Chivas Mizunara

However you take it, Chivas Mizunara is best paired with Japanese food. Try a highball with yakitori or sushi, and a warm, spiced cocktail with something sweet like dorayaki or mochi.


Chivas Mizunara is a true taste of Tokyo. With every sip, you’re spirited away to the bars of Shibuya, and the nightclubs of Ginza. If you want to celebrate Japanese style, raise a glass.


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